Respite Caregivers

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Professional Respite Caregivers in St. Louis, MO

At Caring Christians Private Duty, we provide personalized and professional respite caregiving services. Our team of 170 dedicated caregivers is committed to delivering exceptional care in various settings, including homes, senior living facilities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and hospitals. We offer complete support for 8-24 hours a day so that your loved one receives the attention they deserve. Our services cater to diverse needs, from rehabilitation support to specialized assistance for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Nurse Deanna, our owner, manages client relations to maintain open communication without the need for a secretary. Each client is assessed individually. Your trust is our priority, and we strive to exceed your expectations.

Personalized Support, Every Step of the Way

We go beyond traditional caregiving services by creating meaningful connections with clients and their families, rooted in the belief that each person’s needs are unique. Our caregivers are skilled and compassionate, whether providing comfort to hospice clients, assisting with daily activities, or managing complex medical needs like IV therapy. We empower individuals to become independent while keeping them safe. Our expertise extends to caring for seniors, providing peace of mind to families facing challenging diagnoses. When you need a caregiver who will treat your loved one with respect and decency, choose Caring Christians Private Duty.

Why Choose Us

24/7 Availability

Our caregivers are available around the clock. This continuous support offers peace of mind to families, knowing assistance is always available.

Experience and Compassion

With a strong foundation of experience and deep compassion, our team is skilled at providing emotional and physical support, fostering a nurturing environment for our clients.

Personalized Engagement

We prioritize engaging with our clients on a personal level, recognizing the importance of social interaction and mental stimulation in their overall well-being and quality of life.


Safety & Supervision

Meal Preparation/Grocery Shopping

Hygiene Assistance: Bathing/Shaving

Dressing/Skin Care

Medication/Mental Reminders

Ambulation Assistance

Incontinence Care

Light Housekeeping

Exercise Assistance

Get the Excellent Care You Deserve

Elderly home care is not just about the services rendered; it’s about the hearts connected and lives enriched. Connect with us today – because caring for the elderly is not just our profession; it’s our passion.