Hospice Care

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Hospice Supportive Services in St. Louis, MO

Deanna’s profound connection to hospice care is deeply personal, shaped by her experiences as a hospice nurse and her own life’s journeys, including the loss of her father and husband to cancer. This journey led her to become a lay grief counselor. Caring Christians Private Duty is dedicated to specializing in hospice care, being one of the few companies in the St. Louis metro area with expertise in this field. With a team of caregivers dedicated to meeting specific needs, we provide end-of-life medications as prescribed, rooted in kindness, empathy, and a commitment to honoring the wishes of those we serve.

Dedicated Care for Hospice Patients

Deanna collaborates with skilled hospice care companies across the St. Louis metropolitan area. Most hospice companies prefer to work with Nurse Deanna and Caring Christians Private Duty due to her reputation as a hospice expert and lay grief counselor, fostering a strong bond with the hospice community. Out of our 170 caregivers, about 50 are dedicated to providing hospice care. With us, patients and their loved ones receive the attentive, kindhearted care they deserve during this sensitive time.

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Why Choose Us

Comfort Pack Administer

Our caregivers administer the end of life medication needed to keep the hospice client comfortable.

Respect for Individual Preference

We deeply respect and honor each patient's and their family's personal preferences and cultural values. This commitment shapes our care, ensuring that each individual's final wishes are met with the utmost dignity.

Flexible Scheduling

Understanding that every client's needs are unique we offer flexible schedules that can be customized to fit the evolving needs of our patients and their families. We are here to provide support that's right for you, whether adjusting care levels or accommodating specific family wishes.


Safety & Supervision

Meal Preparation/Grocery Shopping

Hygiene Assistance: Bathing/Shaving

Dressing/Skin Care

Medication/Mental Reminders

Ambulation Assistance

Incontinence Care

Light Housekeeping

Exercise Assistance

Get the Excellent Care You Deserve

Elderly home care is not just about the services rendered; it’s about the hearts connected and lives enriched. Connect with us today – because caring for the elderly is not just our profession; it’s our passion.