Nursing Assistant Services

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Nursing Assistant Services in St. Louis, MO

Caring Christians Private Duty offers premier nursing assistant services, providing compassionate, respectful, and expert medical attention at home. We understand that finding the right care can be uncertain and anxiety-inducing, especially for chronic conditions or post-surgery recovery. That’s why we are dedicated to creating a stress-free environment for both clients and their families.

Driven by ethical values, our team offers a healing touch with deep understanding and kindness. We recognize the genuine fear of entrusting a family member to someone else’s care and address it with skilled caregivers committed to fostering trust and safety. We provide consistent communication and a positive, secure environment.

Tailored Nursing: Your Loved One's Dignity Matters

Our services are designed to alleviate emotional and physical strain on families, transforming caregiving into a shared journey of recovery and hope. Recognizing the added stress of caring for a loved one amidst other commitments, we acknowledge the toll it can take on families emotionally and physically. Through our comprehensive nursing assistant services that are tailored to each client’s needs, we provide peace of mind for you and dignity for your loved one.

At Caring Christians, we strive to bring the light into the lives we serve. We dispel fear and uncertainty with the warmth of compassionate care. When you choose our services, you are joining a community invested in the well-being and joy of your loved ones.

Why Choose Us

Trusted by Healthcare Professionals

Caring Christians Private Duty is highly recommended by doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals. We strive to provide comprehensive care for your loved one through our reputation and our collaborative approach with medical teams.

Nutritional Support

Recognizing the importance of nutrition in health and recovery, our caregivers provide nutritional support tailored to your loved one's needs. From meal planning to preparation, we meet dietary requirements, promoting better health outcomes.


Safety & Supervision

Meal Preparation/Grocery Shopping

Hygiene Assistance: Bathing/Shaving

Dressing/Skin Care

Medication/Mental Reminders

Ambulation Assistance

Incontinence Care

Light Housekeeping

Exercise Assistance

Get the Excellent Care You Deserve

Elderly home care is not just about the services rendered; it’s about the hearts connected and lives enriched. Connect with us today – because caring for the elderly is not just our profession; it’s our passion.